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Whether you are a parent feeling like you are losing your mind, or an adult needing guidance on what your purpose is here on earth, there are a few things me and my team are educated and experienced in enough to confidently attempt to help you.  You are NOT alone.  Let us:

Our Spiritual Work

how we work

We are a team of three. Shaunna K, counsels the mothers and single/business driven women. Leonard Brunk, Ph.D, counsels the men/dads, and Jennifer Brunk, counsels women/mothers. 

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Lock in a plan

After your discussion, we will lock in a plan and get things organized to serve you and yours. 

Make magic happen and see God work

Our tools and coaching will help move your life from chaos to peace.

A Child's Guidebook

Helping a Mother/Father
$ 80
Entry prices - hurry!
  • Let me research the cosmos
  • I will gather the knowledge
  • I will create a custom guide
  • You will find clarity & peace

Spiritual Life Coach

Helping a woman/man in need
$ 565 per month
  • Speak to a person with more than just a Ph.D. They have been there, done that. They have the knowledge and experience to back up their degree to help guide you with tested techniques and wisdom you can only learn from LIVING it.
  • You will have support you deserve. You won't be alone.

A Coaching Session

A conversation to soothe the soul
$ 99 filling spots for Summer 2022
  • 1-hour video call
  • We will help identify the issues
  • We will help guide you
  • Get spirit-filled wisdom

Meet the Spiritual Coaches

Shaunna K

Shaunna K started this company in 2007. She never let it die. It has evolved along the way into things greater and greater. One thing has always been true, she always stays true to her heart and soul and shares her findings with the world whether they listen or not. 

Our services for consultations, coaching, and spiritual care


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