The Young Seasons

The early serious of your child’s life are those we are told to treasure, and we do. Sometimes the season can be scary, unsure, new – as our children begin to grow.


The Hard Seasons

It would be ignorant to never admit that there are hard seasons in one’s life. Acknowledging that does not mean you invite them in. It means you are prepared for them.


The Future Seasons

Sometimes you are so down, spiritually, that you do not know where to begin looking for guidance or peace. Feeling at peace with your present paves the way for your future seasons. 

Finding Your Child's Guidebook

While a child’s natal chart is NOT a predictive tool, it’s an avenue for parents to help understand the child’s “soul intentions” and how to support their child in the beautiful unfolding as a unique, one of a kind, human being.


Shaunna K with her youngest son

"Being a parent is one of the most important chapters in ours lives. Every single choice through this season is important. Every one is heavy on our hearts. When my last child was born, he changed everything for me. The energies of his purpose for being here made itself so obvious for me. I had to go deep to figure out more."

But I must explain to you how all pleasure and praising pain was born and I will give. But I must explain to you how all pleasure and praising pain was born and I will give.

Adults try to understand children by making up elaborate models of the reasons behind childhood behavior, and then they create a language to express fantasies they have generated. And in doing this, they try to impose on real children their pictures of what children are. The result is that the entity known as a child has been created by adults.

Astrology, in fact, is the most curious mixture of the scientific and mystical that has ever existed, which is why it is attacked by both camps (Christianity & Atheism). However, this is also why astrology is so valuable, because only through a blending of these two ideals will the human race come to a balanced understanding of the universe and of itself.

A Child's Guidebook

Helping a Mother/Father
$ 80
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  • Let me research the cosmos
  • I will gather the knowledge
  • I will create a custom guide
  • You will find clarity & peace

A Coaching Session for the Parent

A conversation to soothe the soul
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  • 1-hour video call
  • We will help identify the issues
  • We will help guide you
  • Get spirit-filled wisdom

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