The Day I Changed My Group’s Name

It wasn’t always “Holistic News and Reviews”. Back in the day, it went by another beloved phrase: The Kratom Buzz.

Now, if you’re an educated person, you would immediately know that the definition of “buzz” ia rumor or report, news, humming in the ear. Way down the list you will find “feeling”. That part wasn’t added to the dictionary until recently.

I was asked back when I first started my group, to change my group name because it “gave the wrong impression”. Guess what, I did, just for them. I changed it to appease them. I didn’t have too. I just did in order to keep the peace and meet in the middle. Fast forward to today….. Nuff said.

Here is my well deserved big middle finger for not recognizing who I was as a person to respect that request yet still profited nothing positive from it. I learned my lesson and I hope you take my advice. Never again will I change for anyone who isn’t deserving.


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