Testosterone & Kratom – NEW STUDIES

Finally there has been some new studies (legit studies) done in regards to the myth that testosterone levels are effected by kratom. In fact, we wrote an article about those findings a while back. We are happy to see these new results done by Science Direct, which basically says:
  1. Taking kratom by the dose of 76.23–94.15?mg does not impair testosterone levels, or gonadotrophins, hematological and biochemical parameters in regular kratom consumers.

  2. Opioid use (such as prescription pain killers) DO effect your testosterone levels.

  3. Everything in moderation!

We stress often that when it comes to anything–yes, even kratom–moderation is key. For example, over time caffeine stops working the way it used to. Kratom would be no exception. However, it IS excellent news that regardless of being a regular, daily consumer of kratom, your testosterone levels will NOT be effected.


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