Super White Bumblebee Review by Fisher Botanicals

It has been a while that I have reviewed another one of Fisher’s blends. He was one of the first vendors I had tried upon my newly discovered curiosity of kratom and all that implies. He has never failed on quality, customer service or prices–so for that, I keep coming back when I hear about a new strain or blend. His website is so simple and easy to move around in and find exactly what you need. For me, that is a big deal. I am a very busy woman. My time is precious. I do not and will not waste time trying to find something and order something that is not easy to get to.

Super White Bumblebee was very energetic for me and got me really focused and motivated to tackle tasks at hand. Pain coverage wasn’t the best, but then again this isn’t a red strain (reds are better for pain), but it covered enough to take the edge off of my chronic neck pain. The energy and mood life was enough to make this a real winner for me. Prices range from $7.75-$125 depending on the amount you are wanting. The smell was clean, smelled like kratom should! The texture was powdery, just the way I like it.

Dosed with two spoon fulls, took 10 minutes to kick in and lasted about three hours.

If you haven’t tried Fisher Botanicals, you’re missing out on a nice variety of blends and strains that WORK. Never once did I have one from Tyler Fisher that didn’t show benefits in some way.



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