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I am one of many soldiers that have deployed numerous times, experiencing some very hard things overseas during war. Returning and discharging from the military left me with chronic pain and PTSD. I sought a natural alternative to help with those chronic issues. I am so glad I found kratom. I shopped the Whole Earth Gifts because they have the best return policy and prices, along with potent and strong products that deliver effective results. They follow strict quality standards and never disappoint. I am able to shop top name brand kratom products and change up my variety during my monthly subscription that I have with them.

My favorite product is their Super Speciosa White Thai Kratom Caps. I take about three caps every morning on an empty stomach before breakfast. Effects kick in about 20 minutes. I feel energized, my mood is better (I feel happier), and my chronic pain is gone (I have muscle pain from energies I sustained in Iraq). The benefits last about 3-4 hours. I will typically take two doses a day.

Im thankful that I do not have to accept my doctors prescriptions of pain killers and anti depressants. Having this natural alternative with good vendors to shop from like Whole Earth Gifts makes dealing with all I have to deal with as an ex soldier much easier. I highly recommend them and all of their products!

LL Brunk
US Army Soldier (ex).
Guest blogger for Kratom Girl

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