The Omen - Multipurpose Beauty Oil

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Introducing The Omen, a multipurpose beauty oil, crafted in the Pacific Northwest. The Omen is a custom oil that holds many blessings (uses). Combines Coconut Oil and Jojoba Oil, scented with Shaunna K’s signature scent, The Omen is the only beauty oil you’ll ever need. 100% pure and natural, from the earth, The Omen was crafted to purify your body the minute it makes contact with your energy. With only three ingredients, it’s a wonder that people choose to purchase another with multiple things you can’t even pronounce. You KNOW what you get. Return to nature. Return to what works, what has been known to work, and what those expensive brands use themselves in their manufacturing warehouses.

You won’t get added chemicals in Shaunna K’s serums, which means that these oils need to be properly cared for, stored in dark places, and chilled if possible to sustain the longevity and potency of the serum. A couple of drops is all you need. Save money, and save your skin with the natural oils of the earth.

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1 review for The Omen – Multipurpose Beauty Oil

  1. Sherry O’Brien

    This is a gorgeous oil that works like a beauty-oil for your face and even your hands. It glides on easily, and quenches the skin. I love it on my overwashed hands- both for the moisturization it provides and the glow it gives me. It works beautifully with Gua Sha tools as well. I love the soft scent, and how the oil feels on my aging skin. I’ve also used it to add a few drops to my bedside candles to impart its light fragrance and beautiful energy during my self-care rituals.

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