Shaunna K's Beauty Oil Body Soap | Anti-Aging, Youthful Body Glow & More


Shaunna K’s Beauty Oil Body Soap is an oil-infused, rich in Shaunna’s custom blend and a soap base, further enhanced with essential oils that help aid in healing the skin barrier. It hydrates the entire body, leaving you baby soft. It aids in preventing body blemishes with the pink clay mask and deep cleans the pores to give your body an overall glow!

Comes in an 8 oz all-clear PET plastic, free of BPA. Scroll below to read the full list of all-natural ingredients. A quartz crystal is included for shaking the natural ingredients before each use.




Active ingredients:

I combine the powerful oils of moringa oil, Dragon fruit, goji, elderberry, Organic Black Spilt Gram (RARE!), acai oils, pink clay, coconut oil, and a natural soap base.


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