Marketing Ideas – Grabbing the Audience

I focus mainly on holistic vendors and ways they could promote their sites to the masses. Being active in Facebook groups goes a long way. Shows you care, shows this is your only job and you are at work, ready and available from 9-5, on FB/on your site. If not, they specifying that you have another job is helpful. It helps clears up the haters or nasty customers that will ding you for not replying fast enough for them. We all know you cannot avoid them completely, but it lessens the amount for sure. (Store hours are important, period). So if you do not have that up on your FB group, site, profile, etc., I recommend you do.


To get things started for you and your endeavor to create and capture your audience on social media, I’ll offer the above designer at $5 each. Customized for you to your customers.

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