An ancient tea that has been a healer for the mind, body & soul.

Kratom girl to lady & her tea

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Discovering my kratom tea ritual

I, unfortunately, live with chronic pain due to a neck fusion and neuropathy. Instead of living off of painkillers, I decided to seek out an alternative way to control my physical issues. Fortunately, my friend Julie told me about kratom. The rest was history!

Words cannot express how much I love this plant and its properties. I, as many consumers do, decided to document how each strain affected me so that I could log away the benefits and know which ones to return to.

Many years ago, I was introduced to kratom. As I began my journey, finding healing, I noticed that kratom didn’t have a good reputation. It got confused for being something it wasn’t. People were uneducated on all it was and could do for someone. The image of kratom was questionable, and I immediately found it my mission to help change that.

Using my already established business, I began to offer my services to help “clean up the image” of kratom by offering to design and grow kratom vendors. I would create their brand, website, social media presence and more. I began my advocacy, which you see here today. I started to study about it and then teach what I learned to the public in videos, blogs and posts. I joined the board of Kratom United, designed graphics and banners for the Kratom Rallies, designed pamphlets for BEA (when they were established) and so much more. I continue to offer my services at major discounts to vendors or free to kratom non profits in order to help build up the image of kratom around the world and ensure it never gets banned in places where it is finally legal.

The Original "Kratom Girl"

I shut down after spending years with that online persona. I retired her. It was time. Kratom tea became a ritual, a daily tradition that helped me get back to being the happy, almost pain-free mom my kids deserved — that I deserved.

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