Carrying Spirits

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Spirit is the force within a person that gives the body life, energy, and power. It is the being inhabiting a person, place, or object and responsible for the atmosphere of the place or the mood of the person. It can be as personal as the spirit of another person — dead or alive — who shapes your daily actions and influences your mood and your willpower.

Every person has a spirit that affects their mind, soul, and feelings, whether it is known or unknown to them.

A spirit can come into your being invited or uninvited. It can come because you called and invited it in or it can come in uncalled for and uninvited because there was an open door they could enter. Leviticus 19:31.

There are many ways people open spiritual doors and portals, allowing spirits to come in and inhabit the place, the objects, and the people there and there are many types of spirits.

God in his three persons and his angels are spirits. The devil and his demons are also spirits. There are spirit guides and spirit animals. There are ancestral spirits and spirits of the dead. There are familiar spirits, marine spirits, etc.

Spirits can be loving, peaceful, or dangerous. It can be powerful or disempowering. It can be helpful or harmful. Spirits can be discreet, ruthless, haunting, or favoring.

People do great or bad things to the degree of the spirit that dwells in them.

Have you ever seen a person who seemed to do great, and they lost their way and started doing some strange rituals or practices, and suddenly they seem to always be in a dark night of the soul, spiritually depressed, living an existential crisis day after day constantly wishing they are dead because life has gotten so bad? You do some digging and find that they are involved in the dark occults or talking to the dead which has opened doors and invited unholy spirits that are causing their spiritual distress.

The presence of an unholy spirit is the reason those who are destined for greatness end up on a path that leads to their destruction.

Life is bigger than you and I. You cannot wish favor in your life. The presence of the pure, Holy Spirit is the reason even the lowest of all people is able to achieve greatness.

The heart of man is desperately wicked. Who can know it? Favor is when you gain loyalty in the wicked hearts of men. It takes the Spirit of God or a very good spirit to make someone favored.

The presence of the Holy Spirit doesn’t necessarily mean you never go without any good thing or that you never face troubles, and the absence of it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve greatness but the presence of God will surely give a person supernatural favor.

When a person carries the presence of God, that person will always find help, even from strangers and their enemies.

Favor, like honor, is placed upon your life. You can’t force anyone to honor you.

The Holy Spirit continues to empower anyone who seeks it and wants to do phenomenal things. Unholy spirits continue to deceive and trick people into opening doors that let them in to wreak havoc.

Life is bigger than you, and so favor is placed upon your life. You cannot wish favor into your life.

Everything is atmosphere-dependent. It is rare to see someone laughing when everyone is mourning, and it’s uncommon to see someone mourning when everyone is laughing.

You will not find the spirit of God where it is unwanted.

When the Spirit of God comes, and it’s not welcomed, it will leave. When it is welcomed and given a place to stay, it will stay. Where the Spirit of God stays, there you will find rest.

Everybody can lie down to get some rest, but at the end of the day, they are tired again. It takes the presence of God for people to have unconditional rest. This is the kind of rest when you may be physically tired, but your soul is well rested.

Anyone who carries the presence of God will always be in a state of rest, even if the world is in a state of unrest. Those who carry the presence of God have peace of mind because they have peace on their side and they can sleep soundly even when the storm is raging and others are freaking out.

Having unconditional rest doesn’t mean the absence of trouble. It doesn’t mean that their world stops shaking, but as long as heaven stands, they’re not shaken. There’s rest regardless of what’s going on on the outside.

When you have a passion for God and a desire to do his work, you will begin to experience God’s presence. When you draw near to God, he will draw near to you and an unconditional rest will be your default state.

The more you strive to know God and invite the Holy Spirit to come, the more meaningful life becomes and the more rest you will have, even when the earth is in a state of unrest.

Anyone who carries the presence of God will always be in a state of rest, even if the world is in a state of unrest.

There is so much evil in the world, but those who truly carry God’s presence will always escape the evils.

When you carry the presence of God, you are not scared, no matter the fiery furnace you’re thrown into or the hungry lions roaring around you. No matter what you may go through, no disaster overtakes you.

Angels are commanded to guard you in all your ways because you carry something valuable.

Troubles may come, but you never have to go through them alone.

You may strike your foot against a rock, but you don’t fall. You may trample on serpents and scorpions, but they can’t harm you.

You don’t fear the terrors of the night nor the arrows that fly by day because you carry God’s Spirit and so you’re divinely protected at all times.

The presence of God is powerful and can change even the most horrible situations into pleasant ones for the one whose heart is good, does right, and create a place for the Spirit of God to stay.

There is no one as important to God as the one who is willing and able to obey him. The spirit of God remains with them and God protects them.

God doesn’t force his Spirit on anyone, but as long as you live, you carry a certain spirit. It’s your job to know the identity of the spirit and where it belongs and to make sure that it actually works to help you and not hold you back.

But most importantly, when life is over, you go to the place where your spirit belongs. Life is already hard as it is. It would suck to have to live an afterlife that is no better.


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