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Professional Designer & Life/Business Coach

Founder & Owner of Shaunna K Inc

With education in the Internet Marketing/Business field, Shaunna K minored in graphic design/composite photography, started a design business in 2007 while also taking a job as an Executive AA (Chief of Staff) to help support a family of 3 with her husband who is a fully retired Combat Medic with the Army who is also the Stay-At-Home-Dad, running a business from home. Needless to say, it is a busy life. Shaunna K thrives on it. She takes joy juggling it all because each thing she juggles brings her so much satisfaction. If it didn’t, she wouldn’t continue it. 


15 years Graphic Design & Photography
14 years business, marketing, content creation
5 years Business coaching
30 years religious studies
3 years Astrology & Alchemy
14 years of motherhood
1 failed marriage experience
1 thriving marriage experience

Shaunna x

Shaunna K


I'm Shaunna

I am just a girl who loves being kind. I love to listen to everything around me. I would much rather be on my porch, wrapped up in a plaid blanket that reminds me of Christmas, with a warm cup of Hot Toddy, looking out amongst the Cascades, a view I cherish. I live in a farmhouse with my husband and three children here in Oregon. It is true; everything about the Pacific Northwest is magical. The smell, the wind, the scenery, and the feeling of that magic will engulf your every moment here. It is here where I am inspired every day and able to see a story behind every scene.


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